FDA Regulations

As of 8-8-2016 all vaping related online retailers are now required by the FDA to verify the age of each purchaser of vaping products. ALL online retailers are required to verify the purchaser is over 18 (or whatever the age is required in the state of residence) and requires we prove this with an online age check.

We have always been stringent on being in compliance with only selling to Customers who are 18 and up as well as offering all e-liquid in child proof bottles. Completing the age check will help save the vaping industry and USA retailers like The Vaporatory so we can continue to help our Customers.

This verification is required for everything listed on our website regardless of their primary or secondary uses. The process is fairly simple and usually takes approximately 20 seconds. It is automatic during checkout with just a few steps required by the purchaser. You need not do anything else other than follow the steps presented.

We appreciate your patience and hope to make this a smooth transition to maintain compliance with all Federal, State and Local government agencies. 

For more information on the FDA regulations, follow these links to take you to their informational pages;

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